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Cartoons & illustrations

by Visual Artist Helle Scheffmann

Comic to the journals Samvirke dealing with non use of our membership of Fitness.


Cover illustration for the magazine showing teachers' response to government interference in union agreement.


Cartoon for article in the newspaper Berlingske for young fathers. To the left a comment on the government's sale of "Nets" to the U.S. capitalfunds.

Above: cartoon for the newspaper Berlingske illustrating congestion commission who feel run over by politicians. Including a magazine reference to the Attorney General, who forgot to tell about his criminal brother. The last drawing is a cover illustration for an article in Berlingske on digitization.


A few comments on Danish politics: the unification of civil servants, nurses of 1318 phone and conditions for our mentally ill.

The Danish Minister Martin Lidegaard having problems with the solar cell law. Including the Norwegian Minister Tina Sundtoft problems with the oil industry.

Illustrations for magazines and journals


A few comments on the danish health care system. At the top, the family doctor who has been busy because of a new agreement. And to the right the problem with overcrowding in the geriatric departments, an illustration from the magazine Ældre Sagen.


Illustrations from the magazine "Samvirke" with the theme "Debt" in which a little boy trying to defend his piggy bank against his indebted father's assault. To the right are examples of pages from "Samvirke", which describe respectively the subjects fitness and courtesy.

Above a series cartoons of Danish and foreign politicians, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Vladimir Putin, Ida Auken, Marianne Jelved, Mette Frederiksen, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, Simon Emil Amnitzbøll, Henrik Quortrup, Christian Thulesen Dahl, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Søren Pind and Bjarne Corydon. Cartoons from 2012.


EU illustration gives an idea of ​​how the EU can make it difficult for the tobacco industry to recruit new smokers among young people.

EU illustration showing Barroso reflection on where in Ukraine he will deliver his bag with money.

The next illustration shows the hassle of roaming charges, fortunately now abolished.

The last illustration is a cartoon of a criminal, who now has to find another place to launder his money, the EU has banned the laundry.


A series of EU drawings published as a satire line in Berlingske.

The drawings provide a glimpse of Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Francois Hollande,

Helle Thorning and other heads of states working in the EU. The drawings are supported by EU and everyone one is welcome to make free use of the drawings in connection with information about the EU.

Drawings of the Norwegian election campaign where Erna Solberg would take the fruit from the kids at school, and Solvej Horne commented that the girls themselves were to blaim if exposed to violation.

On the right a portrait of the new World Champion in chess, Norwegian Magnus Karlsen.

Norwegian cartoons

Caricature of

Jens Stoltenberg,

Erna Solberg,

Liv Signe Navarset and

Dagfinn Høybråten.

Illustration for magazine describing the psychological stages of development as a schoolteacher undergoes the crisis in the new collective agreement for teachers.

Cartoons & illustrations

by Visual Artist Helle Scheffmann



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