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EU Konkurencekommisær Margrethe Vestager skal forsøge at opdele Google

The European Commissioner for Competition is hard at work. Google is most likely to remain largely untouched by Margrethe Vestager's possible attempt at splitting it.

EU Iran og a-våben?

EU has a new doorman, keeping a keen eye good company-goers.

EU Luxenbourg og skattely

Jucnker is in trouble, as it emerges that Luxembourg under his leardership offered multinational companies a tax rate close to zero.

EU og Ukraine vil gerne erstatte Gazprom

President of Ukraine is considering what to do by the increased activity in the skies.

EU Cameron,  not to pay

David Cameron will not pay the large additional bill from the EU ... or will he?

Junckers 10 punkts plan

Juncker is working to improving his 10-point plan.

EU stresstjeck af banker

Den Europæiske Centralbank har udsat 130 europæiske banker for en nordeuropæiske banker klarede sig bedst.

EU valg i Skotland
n eu commission

The day before the hearings start in parliament, has Juncker his Commissioners in school, so there is not talked too much about it, we do not talk about.

Jean-Claude Juncker kommisær fra slovenien
Statsbudgetter EU

Juncker has his problems finding a female commissioner, and it ends up that he gets more problems with gender equality Commissioner when he goes so unilaterally after a female candidate.

EU parliament must approve the individual member countries' budgets. Some countries find it difficult to get the budgets to stick together and just got to pump it with both hot air, money from prostitution and drug trafficking.

EU sanktioner mod  Rusland

Over there - over there - he is all alone!

The exchange of new imaginative sanctions between the EU and Russia.

Russia impose sanctions against the EU.

Vladimir Putin has stopped laughing at EU sanctions against Russia, now he will soon need other, less sensitive friends than the EU.

Xi Jinping has no problems with Putin's expansion plans of Russia and can probably offer him a good companionship.

Sanktioner mod EU landmænd
Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping
Våben til kurderne fra EU lande

EU allows member states to send weapons to the Kurds, in spite bad experiences with too many weapons circulating in the region

Text 1: ... we deliver weapons to the Kurds, as many as you want.

Text 2: No, unfortunately we do not deliver weapon, which destroy themselves after six months.

EU indbakke

EU politicians returning from vacation and the inbox is filled with problems.

Kvindelige kommisærer til EU

Herman Van Rompuy has asked member countries to put up with female candidates for the posts of Commissioners. Helle Thorning has a few obvious female candidates in Gjerskov and Christina Antorini. Morten Bødsskov has long tried to get into position for an EU position, but it will probably be a little difficult to cheat here

EU ønsker våbenhvile mellem ukraine og rusland

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande has had enough of war-like conditions in the EU's backyard.

It turns out just that there are many ways to understand the concept of "a ceasefire" on.

Junckers jobbeskrivelse

David Cameron gives good ideas for what Jean-Claude Juncker job description should contain. Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande had perhaps imagined a slightly different and more generally text.